This built-new facility is designed to produce a variety of wood products. Using advanced technology, state-of-the-art automation and a skilled workforce, the facility is projected to convert as much as 1.5 million tons of southern yellow pine timber harvested from the region.

IFG projects hiring as many as 135 employees as operations and production ramp up. The wages and benefits packages will average about $55,000 per year, including health insurance and other benefits available to all IFG employees. Compensation for salaried employees will be higher.

IFG prides itself on hiring employees who possess a strong work ethic, an appetite to learn and grow, and demonstrate leadership traits and the ability to solve problems and collaborate with others to solve them. Typically, IFG employees are highly skilled and possess the latest training and certifications to succeed in a highly automated, tech-forward environment. It’s why we will work with the Pearl River Community College to help develop specialized training and apprenticeship programs that fit job needs as the facility expands its technical operations. We expect to begin actively recruiting employees within the next 6 months.

Planning and preparations for such an ambitious project are complicated and take time. Site preparation has already begun and we anticipate the construction will take approximately 12 months to complete.

No. We will remain fully staffed at our facilities in Idaho and Montana. It’s IFG’s goal to recruit, train and develop employees from the region’s workforce. IFG is already working to develop training platforms with the manufacturers of equipment that will be used in the facility. We will also partner with the Pearl River Community College on training, certification and apprenticeship programs specific to the skills and needs at the facility.

Being good neighbors is essential to our success in Lumberton. As we plan for construction and day-to-day operations, we have identified several projects for mitigation.

  • Building a landscaped, earthen berm to soften the noise and visual impact for nearby private residences.
  • Installing low-impact, exterior lighting across the facility and on the circular crane to diminish the impact of lighting at night.
  • IFG operates mills in small communities like Lumberton throughout Idaho and Montana. We are proud of our track record of working with local residents to understand and address concerns as they arise and to ensure we are respectful and good neighbors.

IFG estimates about 265 trucks daily coming and going from the facility during the work week. The bulk of this truck traffic will be hauling logs and we will also be transporting residual chips and finished lumber. IFG is working with local and state partners to design and construct roadway upgrades and enhancements to increase public safety for traffic entering and leaving the facility. This includes road surface upgrades designed to facilitate heavy-truck travel.

Our employees in Idaho are involved in a variety of charitable organizations, from scouting, the chamber of commerce, youth sports and programs like 4-H and FFA that support farm and rural culture. As a private, family-owned company, we value education, human services and the arts and humanities and have long supported those organizations in the communities in which our employees work and live in Montana and Idaho.