IFG March 2022 Update

More progress. More new hires. More punch list boxes getting checked.

There has been a flurry of activity to report at the Lumberton facility during the month of March. In fact, during the last four weeks, several buildings have entered the “buttoned up” stage by the team of contractors assembled on site.

Before we break down all the progress, we’re pleased to report some personnel developments. So far, Lumberton has hired 94 employees across key areas, including maintenance tech, electricians, remote systems techs, automation and control engineers, and support staff.  

We continue to modify hiring processes to attract and place top talent in preparation for production.  Maintenance and operations training has been a focus as programs are being built and implemented onsite.

Now, here’s a glimpse into the work across the structural footprint.

In the Log Handling & Sawline building, work is ongoing in the maintenance, filing room and compressor room. In fact, saw filing has commenced and technicians from the equipment manufacturer are on site performing testing and quality control. In addition, carpentry work continued in the Operator Tower and the IFG team is busy working on the 4th floor. Some siding work remains on the debarker and merchandiser buildings.

The Sorter Building has officially been enclosed with siding, roofing and liner panel. That said, some work remains to be done with closing in the planer infeed area. Crews are working to finish up the gutter and downspout systems.

Over at the Hot Grapple and Radial Crane area, where logs are placed in inventory or fed to the mill, truck covering concrete modifications are wrapped. Embeds are in place, and the IFG team is finishing up the deck plating on top of the truck covers. Once that step is complete, crews will apply fresh coat of paint.

Checking in on the SM Trimline, Sorter and Stacker, parts for the TrimX arrived and were implemented. All the equipment tied to the dunnage return is now in place and anchored down. Crews are putting the final touches on the catwalks and handrail.

Work is ongoing on the planer outfeed to the dry trimmer for the PM Sorter. At this point, sorter outfeed equipment is in place all the way up to the dry strappers, which will be on site by April 10. The strapper outfeed is in place.

There is significant progress to report for Kilns 1,2 & 3. Kiln 2 is complete. Kiln 3 remains a work in progress with the structure in place. Kiln 2 commissioning is slated for the end of April.

At the entrance to the lumber scales, concrete has been poured all the way through the acceleration lane to Old Highway 11. The tarping station structure and the lumber scales have been installed. The Parts Warehouse structure is up with the addition of the second floor. Teams are now getting prepared for the elevator implementation. Purlins and girts are done, and the fuel depot is being worked on near the west side of the facility.

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