IFG February 2022 Update

As construction all across the new facility continues, we’re starting to also measure progress in terms of hiring and building the team that will soon lead production and operations.

To date, we have hired 70 employees across several key areas, including maintenance tech, electricians, automation and control engineers, and support staff. Hiring will continue in the coming weeks as we have a planned cadence to onboard the necessary headcount for the initial start of production. 

On the ground, construction crews and contractors have made significant strides in recent weeks. In the Finished Warehouse Building, contractors are wrapping up lighting throughout the structure and final touches are being applied to pneumatics, package outfeeds and other critical systems.

In the Sawline area, work is ongoing with the maintenance/filing room/compressor room. Roofing atop the Canter Building is complete, and siding and liner panel is going up. Siding and liner panel work continues on the debarker and merchandiser buildings.

The Sorter Building is fully enclosed with siding, roofing and liner panel. Some final work is being done on the building’s cupola.

We’ve also seen some significant progress with the three kilns, including final planning to get the gas regulator in Kiln 2 in place in advance of commissioning.

We’re thrilled to report that the erection of the Radial Crane is complete. The operator console is currently set up in the operator tower, and crews have been testing systems as some logs are already being delivered to the site.

Next steps on the agenda include more roofing, liner panel, insulation and fire suppression on all buildings and kilns. The entrance and employee parking lot concrete are nearing completion along with site lighting in these areas.

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