IFG November 2021 Update

The images from the last month tell the story. The new Lumberton sawmill facility if starting to take shape.

Roofing for some buildings is complete, for others like the Finished Warehouse Building, completion is getting close.

Finished Warehouse Building

Pusher pits for some of the kilns are complete, and crews are focusing on getting the pushers in proper position.

Pusher pits to feed kilns

When it comes to the Sorter Building, the process of erecting the facility is complete and the work is now focused on roofing and siding.

Sorter Building

A variety of equipment has arrived in the last four weeks, including the testing being done by an IFG team on the four new material handling cranes. In the sawline building, primary breakdown equipment is in place, paving the way for crews to install secondary equipment.

Primary breakdown equipment-sawline

Overall, it’s exciting to see the progress and a very real sense of the look and feel of this new facility. We thank the construction teams from the area who have been working so hard, and the 16 IFG team members currently working on site.

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