IFG July 2021 Update


Progress on the Lumberton mill site has been significant during the month of July and it’s exciting to see all the changes. Our contractor is committed to meeting the next set of progress goals and milestones.

Here is a rundown of all that has been accomplished in the last four weeks:

  • Site preparation (excluding utilities) is about 90% complete. This includes all earthwork projects, soil-cement.
  • Concrete work throughout the site is about a month ahead of schedule.
  • Concrete is completed on the finished good warehouse, radial crane ring and pad, stem deck, debarker, merchandiser, log sort, primary breakdown (saw line), saw line to trimline transfer, sawmill trim line, sawmill sorter and planer mill sorter.
  • Progress continues on the structural steel and equipment in the stem deck, debarker, merchandiser, and log sort.
  • Work is advancing on the underground utility infrastructure and services, including fire protection, drinking water, high voltage/medium voltage lines, communication fiber, gas lines servicing the kilns, as well as storm water drainage and gravity sewer lines.

In the coming weeks, crews will focus on wrapping up the canter line (saw line) building’s footings and flat slab and the sorter buildings (sawmill sorter/planer mill sorter). Once those items are complete, we will be starting construction on the rough buildings where units of rough green lumber will be stored before going to the kilns and the planer.

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